Grow Your Network, Your Business, And Your Bottom Line at the Bright Contractors Discovery Day 

Spend the day on Thursday 7th July discovering how to futureproof your business from recessions, inflation and rising expenses, and leave with complete clarity of what to do next 

As The ‘M&E Gold Rush’ comes to an end, are you prepared for what comes next? 

Dear friend, 
I’m not a fan of scaremongering. 
But I’m also not one for burying my head in the sand and ignoring the stuff in front of me. 
Through my work coaching and advising over 50 M&E business owners and operators right now, I’ve got a fairly unique insight as to what’s going happening in the industry across the board. 
And the chatter going on in my private coaching groups? 
“Things are slowly getting quieter.” 
Maybe you've noticed the same, or you might still be riding the wave. 
I’m not going to sit here and tell you that business is going to drop off a cliff by next Tuesday. 
I don’t think that’s the case. 
But you find me a M&E biz owner who’s not seen demand surge over the past couple of years, who won’t agree that enquiries have slowed down slightly. 
We’ve been experiencing a ‘gold rush’ of sorts, and my prediction? It’s coming to an end. 
The question is: 
“Are you prepared?” 
Truth is, it’s easy to win jobs when there’s huge demand, like there has been. 
But unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know what’s happening in the UK. 
Inflation is at its highest rate in over 40 years. 
Experts are predicting a ‘high risk’ of recession within the next 12 months. 
Consumers are being hit by rapidly increasing bills and cost of living expenses. 
Listen, this isn’t some ‘end of times’ type prediction. But we’ve seen what happens in times of recession. 
I mean, I’ve run a business through a recession - maybe you have too. 
The best businesses make it through unscathed. The average businesses might survive, assuming it doesn’t last too long. The weakest businesses fail, and fail fast. 
The good news? It’s not too late to prepare. 
You’ve heard the saying - “make hay while the sun shines.” 
Don’t fall into the trap of worrying about what might happen after it starts happening. 
The best time to plan for recession, inflation, and rising costs is when your business is THRIVING. 
Because before long, your business will need to be more efficient and better organised than it is now. 
Your team and how well they work will have a huge impact on your profitability. 
Marketing will become more important as you need to attract more enquiries again. 
And there’s only so many hours in the day to get stuff done - so you need to work smarter. 
That’s why, on Thursday 7th July, I’m hosting a live, in-person Discovery Day in Milton Keynes, where I’m going to share the 7-Sector Framework my clients have used to build resilient, profitable, and recession-proof businesses. 
And I’d love for you to join us there. 
There’s no cost to book your seat, but places are limited, so you need to register today to avoid disappointment. 
After so long of missing ‘in-person’ events, why not take up this valuable networking opportunity to strengthen your network. 
I can’t wait to see you there. 
Emerson Patton 
CEO & Founder, 
Bright Business Advice 

Bright Contractors Discovery Day 7th July 2022 

 When : Thursday 7th July, 12:30 - 3pm  Venue: Mercure Milton Keynes, The Approach, Monks Way, Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes - Can't make it to the venue? We will be streaming LIVE so book your online tickets!  

Discovery Day - 7th July 
12.30 pm - Lunch and PowerUP your Profits Discovery Day 
3.30 pm - Daytona Outdoor Go Karting Milton Keynes (see below)  
5:30pm - Finish 

10 Spaces Only - Win A Free Go Karting Place Worth £130 

Who says business can’t be enjoyable? The Bright Discovery Day is about more than just what you’re going to learn, it’s about the networking opportunities and connections you’re going to make in the room. 
That’s why I’m going to be taking a group of my coaching clients go karting at the renowned ‘Daytona Outdoor’ track after the teaching part of the day is done. 
(These are ‘proper’ outdoor go karts, capable of going over 50mph, so it’s going to be a real white knuckle drive!) 
And I’d love for YOU to join us there. 
I’m going to be paying for 10 delegates to join me and my clients at the track. Saving you £130! 
All you have to do for you chance to join us there (saving you £130) is complete the short form once you’ve booked your free place on the Discovery Day. 
So BOOK YOUR SEAT today and complete the form for your chance to win a free place 

What sort of challenges do we cover? 

In a growing business there are 7 key areas we cover though our 7 sector orbit model: 
Developing your leadership skills and strengthening your leadership teams. 
Business planning and structure in your business. 
Making sure the financial management of your business accurate and helpful in decision making. 
Organising the systems and processes to be more effective and efficient
Dealing with team issues like engagement, recruitment, motivation and disciplinary processes. 
Building a bigger client base through developing an effective marketing plan using both online and offline tools and techniques. Creating a strong brand with a powerful message that excites your customers and calls them to take action and engage with you. 
Improving your sales processes and skills to improve your conversion rate and make sure you win more opportunities. 

What some of our attendees had to say..... 

We first found Bright Business Advice on a Facebook Advertisement, so jumped on the free webinar, and hand on heart, it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. 
Bright have coached us to triple the size of our business in the space of just a few months. 
He is very knowledgeable and knows business like the back of his hand. The team are very friendly and make you feel comfortable from the off. 
A truly valuable investment for our company and we plan to continue to grow and learn through the Bright Business Advice group. 
Leon Thompson Safespark Electrical Services 
As Emerson described exactly what we were going through in the business and he gave away so many things we should do and ideas to think about. Such as the strategy and marketing needed to build the business. As well as how to refocus yourself on your goals and determine what you want from the business. 
Matt Spearman - Eco-lectrical 
I found the information that Emerson gave on the meeting valuable, plus the interaction with the other electrical business owners and their success stories that Emerson shared was really inspiring. 
Emerson opens your eyes to new processes and actions you never knew about that will make it easier to grow your business. 
Duncan Grindley - Cambridge Electrical 

Get Exclusive Access To My ‘Little Black Book’ Of Industry Partners 

One thing that’s clear to anyone who’s run a business for more than 5 minutes, is that having the right solutions in place is essential to your growth. 
That’s why I’ve worked hard to cultivate a list of ‘hand picked’ industry partners who offers services designed to support your business and it grows. Here are the industry leaders we’ve partnered with that are supporting the event: 
simPRO is a leading field service management software solution for service, maintenance, and project contractors. Connect the office to the field, deliver exceptional customer service and gain invaluable business insights with automated processes, streamlined workflows, and in-depth business reporting. 
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