We recommend Lollipop because they are a specialist Fire & Security marketing agency 
At Bright Business Advice, we partner with industry experts to ensure your Fire & Security company performs at its best potential. 
We recommend Lollipop for the industry-specific Hi-Viz marketing expertise that will bring you a consistent, manageable flow of online enquiries and sales . 
The Lollipops have been making this happen for adventurous Fire & Security companies since 2010! 
NOTE: you must be willing to be bold enough to stand out! 
At last! A digital marketing agency that specialises in Fire & Security 
As industry specialists, the people we speak to are experts in designing and installing Fire and Security solutions. Nobody really 'gets' Hi-Viz marketing. We do… 
You come to us with problems like these: 
Word of mouth is up and down. I need more leads (feast and famine) 
I'm paying for SEO, Digital Marketing, Google Ads or Social Media and it isn't working for me 
I get next to nothing worthwhile from my website 
And 95% of the time there's one simple reason why. 
One silly root cause. 
Why your Fire & Security company's marketing isn't working like it should… 
The reason your marketing isn’t bringing in the enquiries and sales you need is this: 
Your website, marketing, social media and ads look like your competition. Everyone says the same thing. 
Not just samey, it’s boring too. And difficult for customers to choose. 
Essentially, you're a commodity in a crowded market. It's apples to apples to apples. 
You need to be the orange in a box of apples... 
Not any old orange. The juiciest jaffa out there! 
How do you become that juicy jaffa… 
Juicy jaffa or just another apple - the secret to transforming your sales & marketing 
The crucial first step is to work on your positioning, your differentiation, your messaging and your story. So the right people feel connected to you. And say to themselves 
“This company looks good. They get me….” 
People like: your website visitors. Or your Social Media connections. Your perfect prospects and customers. 
So ask yourself: Is it a priority to fix this? 
To get a consistent, manageable flow of online enquiries and sales 
Are you happy to stick with the feast and famine of word of mouth and put up with dull marketing that costs a pretty penny but doesn’t work? 
How does your Hi-Viz Marketing work? 
We've spent a fortune learning from the advertising legends. And modern-day gurus. It's mind-boggling but the principles that worked 100 years ago still sell. 
We adapted these secret principles to an online Fire & Security buyers market... 
Standing out from the crowd. Grabbing attention. Arousing interest. Persuasion. Building desire. And asking for the sale. 
Lollipop’s Hi-Viz Marketing hinges on using these reliable principles online. So your right message gets SEEN by the right person at the right time. 
It starts with your message… for your website, SEO, blogging, Social Media, Google Ads, Email nurturing and Direct Marketing. 
We've been doing this for Fire & Security companies since 2010. Building a consistent, manageable flow of enquiries. 
To the Fire & Security company who wants to go from good to great 
Wanted - adventurous Fire & Security companies; the industry’s GOOD GUYS who are sick of losing out to lower quality competition. 
Must be bold and happy to shake up the sector. 
Must be willing to take a deeper dive than ever before into what makes you special. And how to get in front of more of your best customers. 
It starts with a Zoom call. To see if we can help you. And to make sure we're both a good fit. Complete our short form and we will get back to you 
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