Strategy & Business Plan 

Strategy & Business Plan 

Strategy Session 

This is a must for anyone in business who wants to build a structured strategic plan. 
It’s your opportunity to have a Certified Bright Business Advisor evaluate your business to identify and harness, the many different areas of untapped potential, profits, and performance in your team. This process is a vital first step in getting maximum value from your commitment to the business Advice program. 
The Strategy Session is done using online video systems. We map out a plan for you on our planning tool so you have a stand-alone business plan ready to implement. To do this we take an in-depth look at your goals, both business and personal. 

Group Coaching Services 

In order to deliver a full rounded solution to business development and growth we must also work with a wider team in the organisation. This means you will often require team training. 

Team Alignment Day 

The Team Alignment day has been developed to bring teams closer together and create a focused set of goals and outcomes to work towards achieving.  
It also develops the team working skills creates stronger better relationships across the teams so that more can be accomplished. 
Once the alignment is complete it sets out a road map on where we need to concentrate and in what order. 
Each part of the 7 sector Orbit is a stand alone set of modules designed to create optimum results but just like in business there is an inter dependency between each sector so it's important to ensure the foundations are solid first. 
"Some of the biggest mistakes I see in business are knee jerk sales activities without data to back them up or cost cutting exercises precisely where additional investment would pay dividends" says Emerson. 
Don't make the same mistakes, follow the 7 sector model and really achieve your full potential. 
Once we have established your business needs we can then develop the training programmes specifically designed for your business to achieve optimum, sustainable growth. 

Ready to start transforming your business? 

What our clients say 

"I'm an electrician who had a business but no clue how to run it. That's when I turned to Bright Business Advice. Since I started working with them in June last year, I've gained the knowledge and skills needed to turn my ideas into a successful business. 
Thanks to Bright Business Advice, I've learned how to direct my ideas, manage finances, and implement organising systems effectively" 
Matt Spearman - Managing DIrector Eco-lectrical 

You can request your strategy session or Alignment here 

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