One to One Business Coaching 

One to One Business Coaching 

Small and Medium Business Owners One to One Business Advice, Mentoring, Coaching 

It’s a great privilege for us to share the business journey with many really great business owners. 
If you haven’t had a business adviser or coach before it’s a bit like having a personal trainer for your business. But instead of making your body fitter we make your business stronger. When you put your focus on something- you cannot help but improve it. 

Why would I want a business adviser and coach? 

Some people think it can be a sign of weakness to take on business advice and coaching. Perhaps they think they should already know what they are doing and they may be concerned that people will judge them. 
However it’s actually the opposite that’s true. For thousands of years people in power have always had advisers. People who run bigger companies have a board of directors. So in the small and medium size business world, when it’s usually an owner-manager in charge having to make all the decisions on their own. Why would they not want to have another set of expert eyes looking in and acting as a sounding board? 

Who uses business advice and coaching? 

People use experts in many different walks of life. If you have a medical problem you would see a Doctor. If you wanted financial advice you would see an Account or Financial adviser. In Sports you would not be taken seriously as an athlete if you didn’t have a coach. 
We know coaching improves performance as long as you are ready and willing to put in the work whether in sports or in business. 

What our clients say 

"Working with Bright Business Advice we are ready for massive growth having already tripled our profitability with the systems and people now in place to deliver to the major multinational brand clients we have won." 
Ricky O’Donnell - CEO - RJDM Studios 

How does business advice and coaching work? 

Just imagine having a personal trainer for your business coming in weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Not only highlighting the things you don’t always see or notice but also focusing in on getting done the projects that you know you need to get done but you just haven’t had the focus or accountability to complete yet. 
Using proven systems, tools and structures from the 7 Sector Bright Business Advice Accelerator model we’ll help you to achieve high growth, sustainably and reach peak performance. It won’t be long before you are fighting fit and running efficiently, effectively and most important, highly profitably! 
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