The seventh and final sector of the Bright Model revolves around sales. Up until this point, we’ve talked about the importance of leadership, management, finances, operations, HR, and marketing. All of these sectors of your business work together to form a successful, profitable business that is built for sustainable growth. 
The final piece of the puzzle is getting more sales. This seems fundamental, but no matter how well-optimised the other sectors of your business are, without consistent sales, your business will fail. 
However, we always focus on this sector of the business last because without the other important components of your business optimised, sales will always be inconsistent and difficult to track. 
To break down the sales process and help you secure consistent sales each quarter, we’ll be using our CLOSE model. Aim to work through each level to improve your sales process and make your business more profitable. 
So far, in our breakdown of the Bright Seven Sector Model, we’ve focused on the internal elements of your business that need to be optimised for success. From leadership and operations to human resources and your finances, all of the internal elements need to be well structured with the right systems in place to encourage growth. 
In this sector, we begin looking at the external elements of your business. Marketing your products and services is how you create a steady stream of new customers. Without a solid marketing strategy, you’ll forever be stuck in the cycle of chasing projects and experiencing profit gaps. 
In this sector, we’ll break down your marketing efforts into five levels that you need to progress through to optimise this crucial area of your business. 
To make each level easy to understand and follow, we use our LEADS model. 
The next stage of our Bright Seven Sector model focuses on HR. We’ve already talked about the importance of leadership, management, finance, and operations in growing a business. 
When we talk about Human Resources in this sector, we’re referring to the people that make up your workforce. Knowing how to utilise the knowledge and skills within your business and place staff in the right positions is key to keeping your business functioning. 
It’s also crucial to set high standards so your team knows what is expected of them. Without clearly defined standards, your team can’t perform to their full potential. 
This sector is split into five different levels to help you improve your grasp on human resources as you grow. To define each level, we use the acronym HUMAN. 
Let’s break down each level and look at the strategies you can use to improve this sector of your business. 
In this sector of our Bright Seven Sector Model, we’ll look at how we can optimise your business operations. 
Operations are the inner workings of your business, the processes you have in place to keep things running day-to-day. Whether you provide a service, make products, or sell products, your operations are key to building a sustainable business. 
We break this section down using our operations acronym WORKS
Using the principles we’ll discuss below, you’ll be able to manage your workflows, optimise your processes, and deliver a quality product or service to each customer. 
When it comes to the finances of your business, there is one ultimate goal: to be in profit. The problem is, 80% of all businesses fail in the first five years, while another 80% fail in the next five years. To put that in perspective, if 100 businesses started this year, just four of them would still be around in ten years time. 
A huge number of these fail because they don’t have control over their finances. You can offer a fantastic service, have good sales, but if you’re not managing your cash flow effectively, your business will die. 
In this sector of our business model, we’ll talk about strategies to manage your finances effectively, and convert products and services into a consistent cash flow that helps sustain and grow your business long term. 
To do this, we use the ASSET model. 
In this series, we’re talking about the Bright Seven Sector Model of growing a sustainable business. Without all seven sectors mapped out, no business can grow consistently and achieve long-term success. 
We’ve already talked about the first and most important sector - leadership. In this section, we’re going to talk about the next sector - management. 
To break this sector down, we use our management acronym PLANS. Let’s take a closer look at each part and the strategies you can use to improve the management of your business. 
Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with countless contracting businesses, helping them to improve their operations and expand into successful, sustainable companies. Over those years, I’ve put all of my research, insights, and experience into an easy-to-understand model that any business can follow to grow their business. 
Broken down into seven crucial sectors, each stage of the model is critical to the success of a business: 
● Leadership 
● Management 
● Sales 
● Marketing 
● Operations 
● Finance 
● HR 
Without a solid strategy for each sector, you’ll find consistent problems within your business that slow down success and stop your business from reaching its full potential. 
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