Mastermind Groups 

Mastermind Groups 

Discover how you can to transform your business with the power of Masterminding 

You’re working in your industry, from running small team to scaling up and growing, without even realising the capacity that you need. The brilliance of running a successful growing business doesn’t depend on luck. It depends on the energy and the effort you put in and it also depends on you developing your skill to play the big game! 

Watch the video to learn more about masterminding.  

What is masterminding? 

Being a business owner can be a lonely place. So leverage the power of other business owners working together with you in a mastermind. 
At our Bright Business Mastermind, we bring together a small peer group of business owners up to 12 people monthly who are on the same journey of building their businesses. Some are further ahead then you some behind. 
We have all learned many lessons along the way that can help our peer group to overcome their own challenges. Although different businesses you will find that similar issues come up with Leadership, Finance, Operations, HR, Marketing & Sales. 
With focused brainstorming for each business owner on their own challenges with input from the rest of your group including your Bright Business Adviser experts. You will be able to come up with a set of next actions and you will be held accountable to go away and implement when you are back in your business. This is how masterminding works so well. 
The accountability to implement your goals results in generating you more profit, strengthening the structure of your business, building more resilience, accountability, and responsibility into your team that will help free up your time so you can focus on the future development of your business. 
In addition to the group meeting, you also have the very powerful insights and accountability of a 121 coaching session either on phone/ Zoom or in-person depending on the level of program, you opt for. 

What sort of challenges do we cover? 

In a growing business there are 7 key areas we cover though our 7 sector orbit model: 
Developing your leadership skills and strengthening your leadership teams. 
Business planning and structure in your business. 
Making sure the financial management of your business accurate and helpful in decision making. 
Organising the systems and processes to be more effective and efficient. 
Dealing with team issues like engagement, recruitment, motivation and disciplinary processes. 
Building a bigger client base through developing a thought though marketing plan using both online and offline tools and techniques. Creating a strong brand with a powerful message that excites your customers and calls them to take action and engage with you. 
Improving your sales processes and skills to improve your conversion rate and make sure you win more opportunities. 

How do I get involved? 

Over the years Bright Business Advice has helped hundreds of businesses achieve their real potential. We have more than 20 years’ experience in the Corporate Sector and SME business market, and we understand the challenges that companies and their owners face. To date, we have successfully advised over 200 clients across a diverse range of industries. Because we have done it successfully and our clients can vouch for us, we are confident we can help you and your business. 
To book a 20 minute call about how our masterminding groups can support you from General business masterminds to a number of Niche group masterminds from Children Day Nurseries to Electrical contract groups please get in touch with Emerson Patton. 

What some of our Masterminders had to say..... 

“Becoming a member of the Bright mastermind – not only allowed me to change and develop but it showed me that the stress and disappointment I was placing on myself were completely normal and completely changeable with the right coaching and guidance. Bright changed my business for the better but more importantly changed my personal life, giving me more time and money. If you can afford to join don’t let time be the decider, you will find the time when you get hooked on the results of the changes to your business and life..” 
Josh Bishop - EPM Engineering Supplies & Services 
"I realised my business so needed help in all aspects so I had Emerson come in and help me put together an alignment, we then put a plan together to move the business forward. We have been on an amazing journey which gave me the confidence to manage my business with stability, I've also been able to improve our financials and make the business much more efficient and much more organised. It’s just made a huge difference to my business. The masterminds are a must for continued growth and support when you are running a business!" 
Andrew Woolgar - Woolgar Electrical 
"From the moment I went to the Bright Electrical Business Summit I knew it was something I needed to be involved in. I had never considered using a business consultant before, but in the few months we have been working together, we have examined all of the aspects of my company and now have a strategic plan on how to improve. I am looking forward to expanding and improving my business further and to building a long-standing relationship with Emerson" 
Dominic Gaziano- Drage Electrics 

Mastermind Packages  

Silver Mastermind includes:  

Monthly one to one coaching - 45 minutes per session 
Monthly Mastermind sessions (exclusively for trades) - 90 minutes per session 
Access to Masterclass Series. 

Gold Mastermind includes:  

Monthly one to one coaching - 1.5 hours per session 
Monthly Mastermind sessions (exclusively for trades) - 90 minutes per session 
Access to Masterclass Series. 

Platinum Mastermind includes:  

2 x Monthly one to one coaching - 1.5 hours per session 
Monthly Mastermind sessions (exclusively for trades) - 90 minutes per session 
Access to Masterclass Series 

Platinum Elite Mastermind includes:  

2 x Monthly one to one coaching - 3 hours per session 
Monthly Mastermind sessions (exclusively for trades) - 90 minutes per session 
Access to Masterclass Series 
*All prices exclusive of VAT 
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