We recommend YUMYUM for improving brand image and increasing lead conversions 
At Bright Business Advice, we’re passionate about partnering with industry leaders to bring you the best solution possible. Working with us to achieve growth through comprehensive strategies and goal setting is just one part of changing your business for the better. It's also essential to think about the foundations which enable that success. 
Having a well-defined brand identity is an essential foundation for a small business. It will shape the way you communicate, engage with your existing customers, and attract new ones. We recommend YUMYUM for branding, website design, and marketing services that communicate directly with your ideal customers. 
YUMYUM Creative Solutions is a trusted creative agency with a genuine passion for helping small businesses. They also happen to deliver comprehensive brand identities, user-friendly websites and streamlined marketing solutions designed around your business objectives and goals. 
YUMYUM often see many businesses fail in their marketing efforts, and here are three common problems. 
1. The brand doesn't work; we don't just mean the logo; we mean what the brand stands for and how it makes people feel; there’s no spark (excuse the pun) 
2. Your website is dated or stagnant, doesn’t inspire a potential customer to enquire any further 
3. The marketing activities simply don’t work because the business doesn’t know what to do 
A brand identity is so much more than just a logo. Your brand needs to stand out visually and with the words, you use to attract people to your business and, more importantly, convert them to customers. 
When done well, your brand becomes your most valuable asset that sustains long-term growth. 
YUMYUM will work closely with you throughout brand development to ensure your business stands out from your competitors and engages with your ideal customers.. 
Website Design 
An effective website needs to look good, be user-friendly and communicate everything you want to say to customers. YUMYUM will design your website, focusing on user experience (UX) to encourage valuable lead generation and conversion while staying true to your brand. Once a new website goes live, clients receive full training in maintaining and updating their site or can choose a flexible website management package to get YUMYUM to take care of updates. 
Automated Marketing 
As proud partners of Keap Infusionsoft, YUMYUM develop and run automated marketing campaigns to work with your marketing activities. These intelligent campaigns are delivered to specified groups of customers to gain maximum impact and streamline lead follow-ups and sales processes. Keap is very user-friendly, so you can quickly run your automated campaigns. Alternatively, YUMYUM can plan and implement campaigns for you. 
From the first point of contact to project delivery and beyond, YUMYUM provides excellent services to take your business to new levels. 
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