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EML Electrical 

RJ Wilson 

We’ve already seen a sharp increase in profits since working with Emerson. Our management report for the first 4 months of our current financial year shows a 26% increase in turnover compared with the previous year. The net profit compared with the previous year is up by 316%! We have installed a new software system which has enabled us to monitor our staff’s efficiency and in turn they have started working harder! On some of our regular jobs we have noticed a 50% increase in efficiency which obviously contributes to our improved profit. We are also in the process of creating a new website which will allow online booking for some of our services. 
I would recommend Bright Business Advice to any business looking to move their company forward and increase profits. 

Wellies Day Nursery 

I have run a Day Nursery since 1989 and have generally not done too badly. In 2008, and with some trepidation I became involved with business coaching. 
Emerson came to my business every 2 weeks during which time we work ‘on’ my business. Finance was the biggest challenge. I changed Accountants and with new processes in place for monitoring collection of fees my business became financially efficient.  
Targets were set for bookings. We measured new enquiries through to visits, registrations, trial days and take up of places. Our main source of enquiries comes through recommendation, so we created a reward system for existing clients. Many operational systems are in place too, for day to day running. We no longer experience the ‘September slump’ with our marketing systems now in place through online methods and referrals. 
In 2014 we had the biggest step change we could make in our business. A £250K building extension was put in place so we could almost double the nursery capacity. With the building complete and the bookings from our online marketing coming in thick and fast we now have over 96 children compared to 80 normally at this time of year a 20% increase already. 
6 years ago I considered myself a Nursery Nurse who runs a Day Nursery - now I am a successful Business Owner. I have attended Profit Club & Growth Club which added to my skills for running a business & there are networking benefits too.. 

RJDM Studios 

RJDM is a Digital Media company based in Northampton specialising in 2D/3D Animation, Online, Apps, Film, Branding, Social Media, Events & Screen Media. We have been working with Emerson since 2014. 
Emerson has been instrumental in helping us to achieve the success we are now seeing with the high growth program we have been implementing allowing us to grow our departments and create new ones. 
Initially I was sceptical having done some work with other coaches/consultants along the way, I wasn’t sure we would need his help. After a meeting to discuss what our options were I could see there was something more to gain and I felt a fit with Emerson, as I pushed him as much as he tested me. Well if he's going to be my adviser I needed to know this was someone who shared my vision for success and what is possible not only for my business but for his too! 
In a nut shell we have transformed our creative agency into an organised systems based business that still has great creativity. In fact more than before because things are working so well with our systems including our project management system, there are less fires to fight and so we have freed up more time to think this in turn has allowed us to grow new departments and grow the business year on year. 
We are on target this year to increase our revenues by 50%+ when we started this journey we only had 4 departments of business we will soon have 10 and will have tripled the profitability in the process. 
We have spent a lot of time and emotion developing our culture, which includes: laser tag in the office, a ball pit and moving to a larger offices and decorating each artists workspace to their own design, filling the office with the coolest memorabilia we could find including a full size, Joker, Batman, deadpool, R2D2 and C3PO figures, Union Jack sofas, drinks fridges, table football, perks of my job vouchers, social events and even a VW camper van we use as a mobile meeting room. Making a visit to the studio an experience. Our customers love the studio so much they book our meeting rooms for internal meetings as they want to be part of the studio culture. 
Back in 2014 we kicked off with a business planning day to align the goals for the business across the orbit model Emerson provided. This highlighted a number of key areas we would need to work on to hit my initial growth targets of doubling profit and turnover. From this we built our plan. 
We have since also done a team alignments to bring them all into alignment with the business goals and get the teams input. Which has now become an annual event. 
We were even able to tap into the government growth accelerator funding scheme to part pay for Emerson as he was an approved provider. 
We have worked on each area of our business and began getting systems organised to give structure to our sales process. We researched the market then began using a quote management system software and CRM database to create consistent, quality proposals in minutes instead of days from multiple customisable templates that can be delivered digitally and signed off online. 
It gives us a pipeline with conversion rate KPI’s which sped up the process and kept me focused, as I was the bottle neck at getting quotes done and following up. Now we have built a team to do business development so I only get involved in the bigger projects. 
We have also implemented project managment software system at the core of delivering our service to our customers, so each team member and even the clients can access the project to see exactly where we are with their projects and using it as a centralised communication portal for accurate updates and suggested changes instead of chasing down different emails as before. 
We have rebooted our marketing, attended shows, revamped the website, created our own hard copy marketing materials like brochures, USB key rings and created our own animation and highly viewed social media content creating great engagement, in fact one recent blog had over 550,000 views 
The Feeds from all our systems were then put into KPI dashboard software so we are able to report on everything across our business and we are able to see how the growth of our business continues. 
Emerson is instrumental in the whole process, helping structure and get plans out of our heads into reality. 
I have attended a number of Emerson’s workshops on business growth and planning and still get ideas from them and I am also a sponsor of Emerson’s Business Accelerator Club in Northampton designed to help like minded business owners share best ideas and business practice. Keeping you focused with accountability built in to it too! I can highly recommend Emerson as a business adviser and I have already referred him to a number of Business contacts who want to transform their business and make them even more successful. 


We were invited to one of Emerson's Business Accelerator Summits in November by our accountants, neither Rosie or I were really excited about the prospect having been to 'things' like this in the past and being left feeling less than impressed, thinking we'd wasted time that is precious when you are running a business with 85 staff. After spending the day at the summit... Wow! We were both shocked at the practical take aways we got from the day - feeling more focused, organised and raring to go we headed back to the office. 
It was a no-brainer to sign up with Emerson, if he could get that out of us in one day imagine the possibilities working one on one (well, one on two) more regularly. Now the possibilities have turned into realities and we're starting to see 'wins' from different areas. 
Having a fresh set of eyes and someone focusing and pointing us in the right direction we have challenged and questioned how and why we do things. From setting out our culture and values, aligning our leadership team, ensuring they and we’re both accountable for getting stuff done, the positive impact that it has had on the business has been amazing. 
We’ve seen conversion rates increase on sales and average order value on a major part of the business. Monthly leadership meetings have resulted in actions happening that we’ve been waiting on for a while; from a 12 month IT plan and new systems for reviewing and recruiting to effective overtime management and 18 month production plan. This is all in three months; we expect the 'wins' to keep on coming and are predicting to break the 5 million barrier. 
We recommend working with Emerson. Even if you feel you’ve got it all covered, a fresh pair of eyes from such a knowledgeable person, plus someone to be accountable to, will only make things better. 

Wady Electrical 

We’re an established Electrical Contractors, trading for over 50 years, on £3.7M turnover, with 35 team members. We first worked with Emerson in 2009. We decided it was time to re-join forces in 2016, to help us with further expansion. We needed focus and a plan that kept us on track. Using Emerson for a business alignment, we got the management team together and spent the day brain storming around his business model, which made sure we covered all areas of the business. 
We built a plan using his online project management software that means we had a structure and tasks to complete, then allocated to team members so we can track progress. It's a great tool. We use it all the time to manage our business. We even used it to manage the build of our extended mezzanine floor. 
Once we had the plan, we needed our team on board, listen to their opinions on the changes and get their input on how we could achieve our goals. With Emerson’s help, we did a team alignment. It was great! It got everyone involved and talking, plus was a great opportunity to involve new staff. We have focused a lot on creating a company culture and put together our WHY, WHAT and HOW statements to ensure the team understand that culture. 
Not only does Emerson keep us on track with our plan, but he also gives advice on software tools, sales process development and sales training. With his advice, we’ve updated our website, created new hard copy materials in folders and flyers, promotional items like sweet tins, cups and pens etc and case studies. We have engaged a customer feedback system which generates us testimonials and insights into how we run our business. On the HR front we have implemented an online software system that manages holidays and time sheets and other aspects of HR which has really got us more organised too. 

Commerce Windows 

Emerson Patton from Bright Business Advice has been helping us for the last couple years with our business at Commerce Windows. 
We are incredibly happy with the results we have achieved although to start with we were a bit sceptical as to if this would work. 
We achieved this by brainstorming and creating a master plan for the development of business over a three-year period. Resulting in managing our finances and management information much more astutely. 
Using software to manage our sales pipeline and installation systems and services more efficiently. 
We have updated our marketing including a new website, social media and email marketing promotion which has resulted in a 20% increase in the number of leads received. 
Our conversion rate is also up by attracting Quality leads and after working on improving our sales process. (Currently 52% Conversion Rate). 
We have engaged with our team to come up with better ways of working at a team alignment day. 
With our growth we recruited 4 new team members and cracked the £1million turnover mark. 
Emerson has helped us to realign our business stay focused on our Business and personal goals and is keeping me accountable to achieve the results we first set out including having another baby! 
We are so pleased with the results of the program that we have just bought 10 months more upfront to make sure we stay on track and hit the goals we set for ourselves going forward in these exciting times. 
So really a big thank you to Emerson I highly recommend him as a business adviser and we look forward to continuing our journey growing, Commerce Windows. 
We want you and your business to be just as successful 
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