Ian Mizon 

Ian Mizon is a dedicated, purposeful, and engaging business coach with over 19 years' experience. He has a passion for implementing Bright’s systems to create new levels of performance and capabilities for their clients. He is a sales and communication specialist who has helped over 100 businesses secure new clients and create vast, incremental revenue streams. 
During these 19 years he has gained an outstanding global reputation as a business and performance coach. Along with his work in the UK, he has worked in over 100 markets across Europe, Australasia and South Africa. His expertise is geared towards implementing systems for rapid sales growth and he enjoys nothing more than inspiring his clients and transferring his skills into business leadership and support teams. His coaching manner is engaging , purposeful and precise . If you are ready for your organization to implement real changes you are sure to gain from working with him. 
His recent successes 
• South African Bus Org coach of the year 2017 
• Over £1 million pounds of incremental revenue for Primedia Broadcasting special achievement award 2017 
• COMENSA coach of the year 2018 
In his spare time, Ian is a keen golfer, dog lover, and watcher of sport. Based in Northampton, he has a real passion for travel and trying ‘ anything’ new. He is a very keen connector who’s network spreads not just in the UK but around the world. 
If your business needs a burst of energy, reigniting, passion and dedication then he will work brilliantly with you . 

Testimonials from attendees... 

I just wanted to thank Ian & Bright Business Advice for what they have done for us in such a short space of time. Before we met, I felt like I was failing in running my company correctly. I’d been going for 6 years and had not even enjoyed a family holiday in that time. Since working with Ian and the Bright community, we have moved into a new office and now get the time back to enjoy our holidays and my team are all reinvigorated by the changes. The time and lifestyle choices it has given me have been amazing. 
Chris Brass - Ignite Facilities 
Ian started coaching me when I was at an all-time low in my personal and professional life. Using his experience, advice, and the bright business 7 sector model I have been able to completely transform my business. We have tripled in size, our revenue is at an all-time high and we have the systems in place to absorb the growth. My team are engaged with our goals and we have an entirely new energy and revenue base in the business. 
Adam Lloyd - Lumen Electrical 
We were running ragged before we started work with Ian and Bright Business Advice. What struck home to us was the need to send our team out and do a great job every time. We have implemented new systems, grown our revenue by over 30%, and can now see light at the end of the tunnel. 
Barbara Harland - Proklec Electrical Solutions 
Since I started working with Ian & Bright Business Advice we set a goal for turnover, margins, team members, vans, and the type of client base we want to work with. We hit the turnover target we set, the size of the business has doubled and the motivation it has given me to keep going through Ian and the bright community I couldn't get anywhere else. 
Adam Jones - ACJ Electrical 
Our engagement with Ian has been truly transformative. Initially drawn to Ian's coaching style during live sessions, we were eager to see how he could bring value to RH Plumbing. Working with Ian has not only been positive; it's been a catalyst for all-round improvements in our business. We've built on solid foundations, thanks to his guidance. 
Ian's expertise simplifies complex business processes and enhances our sector-specific understanding. His hands-on approach makes strategy implementation a seamless journey. 
Ian's communication style is notably proactive. His consistent check-ins make us feel genuinely supported, and his ability to offer constructive criticism, along with highlighting our strengths, keeps us focused. We've jointly tackled current challenges and found effective solutions. 
The results of our partnership with Ian are evident. I've been able to make pivotal decisions and steer our business toward growth. Employee engagement has seen a significant boost with the introduction of our new appraisal system and our productive team alignment day. It's clear that Ian's expertise and guidance have been instrumental in our journey to success, and we eagerly anticipate achieving even more milestones with Bright Business Advice.. 
Robin Hewitt- RH Plumbing & Heating 
After attending one of Ian's insightful webinars with Bright Business Advice, I knew I had to get in touch. That initial contact marked the start of a truly transformative partnership. 
Working with Ian and his team over the past year has catalysed tremendous growth for my business. With Ian's guidance, we have more than doubled in size and profitability. I now lead with a confidence I never thought possible. 
Ian's support has been instrumental every step of the way. In our first sessions, we implemented new job management and accounting software. Despite initial challenges, this has proven a total game-changer, driving invaluable efficiencies. 
Ian's communication style makes him readily available to advise me on crucial business decisions. Our monthly coaching calls provide the perfect structure to meet my needs. 
Reflecting on this journey, I'm astounded by my business's progress with Ian's support and the systems now in place. The monthly accountability has given me much-needed focus. Moreover, I'm chuffed by the positive impact on my personal life – more time to enjoy with family. The business and work-life balance transformation is truly brilliant. 
Thank you, Ian and the entire Bright Business Advice team, for playing such a vital role in this journey. I'm thrilled about the path ahead and the continued growth it promises. 
Mark Emery - ER Electrical Services 
Engaging with Ian at Bright Business Advice was a straightforward decision. I needed help managing my company, plain and simple. 
Working with Ian has been a game-changer for my business. He's provided me with the essential tools and unwavering support required to run my businesses effectively, resulting in outstanding profitability. 
Ian's guidance has been instrumental in developing and implementing strategies to enhance business efficiency. He's helped me schedule tasks more effectively, boosting my confidence in my abilities. 
Ian's communication style and support are impeccable. He goes above and beyond, even taking on tasks like liaising with our web designer and creating content for our website. 
The results of our collaboration speak volumes. Thanks to Ian's assistance, I now feel confident that my company will organically and comfortably reach its £2 million turnover target. This achievement is within grasp, all thanks to the robust systems Ian helped me implement. 
In summary, my experience with Ian and Bright Business Advice has been transformative. I couldn't be more pleased with the progress and growth we've achieved together. 
Mark Graham - MW Graham  
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