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Bright Business Advice has worked with many clients in the mechanical & electrical industry 
Bright Business Advice has worked with many clients in the mechanical and electrical sectors, providing services to a range of companies including: 
Mechanical contractors and maintenance providers 
HVAC system design, supply, and installation 
Industrial refrigeration system contractors 
Plumbing and pipefitting contractors 
Fire protection system installers 
Electrical contractors and electricians 
LED Lighting and Power Provison 
Low voltage system integrators 
Building automation and controls suppliers 
Solar, Battery and EV specialists  
We understand the challenges mechanical and electrical contractors face - staying current with regulations, managing teams across dispersed sites, finding and recruiting good qualified engineers, pricing and project managing complex installation projects accurately. 
Our tailored advice helps M&E companies boost productivity, improve project delivery, retain skilled staff, ensure compliance and win new business. We provide strategic guidance as well as practical solutions that make a daily difference. 
Contact Bright Business Advice to discuss how we can help you manage, control and grow your mechanical or electrical contracting business to the next level. Our experienced advisors are ready to partner with you, to give you ideas, tools, tactics and strategies using our Bright 7-Sector Contractor Accelerator system.  

Testimonials for Bright Business Advice 

so we were good with finance and some of the other things – we just needed an overall tidy up and find a way to pull all the systems together to work better. That made and the accountability to get it all done made a difference. 
Going through the 7 sectors made me understand that I didn’t need to do every job within the business myself or even micromanage it, so now I step back and the team give me the reports. This has freed up a lot of my time and I’d say these days I’m working 80% more on the business with 20% more time to do the important things, like picking my kids up from school. The team feel much more valued, having been given responsibilities. T 
They each have their tasks and get to control their areas while working within the system and to a deadline. Since we’ve been doing that, I’ve seen them step up a lot more than when I used to jump in and do it all myself. When looking for help, I did look at other coaches but Emerson works within the business with you. He doesn’t just give you a list of things to do and walk away, leaving you to it till the following month. And I know if I call him, he is always available to give me advice. 
The pandemic slowed things down for us but, I can still see that doing this has put us in a position where we can grow, and the long term is looking good. I would recommend Bright, and I’d tell anyone to attend one of the webinars or speak to Emerson directly. Ask him about his business model and see if it suits what you’re looking for. Being a coaching company that specialises in the industry, they are used to dealing with the same sort of problems we, as contractors, face. They’ve been there and done that as the saying goes. Really, it’s a brilliant model that he has set up and, if it’s followed correctly, it will work for any business.” 
As a business, if we believe in something we will do it 110%, no messing around but, if you do hit a problem, you need a solution. We’re all human and so its normal to automatically think about the cost of doing these things but Emerson understood the problems and he offered the solution we wanted. His philosophy and outlook aligned with ours and we didn’t disagree on a single thing. Out of everything we have done over the last seven months, not one thing has gone wrong. It’s been absolutely fantastic for our business. I now see things in a different light. As a person, I like things to work and I don’t mind how much time I put in, to get them to do that. Some might say I’m a workaholic because of that. We’ve been in business for nine years now and something we did from the offset, was to make sure we had a good brand design and image. We wanted clean and slick and that’s what Emer son believes in too. You can see that from the whole Bright system. I always go a million miles an hour, but I also have a young family - Olivia, Harry and my wife are the ones I work for. They are my life, and I will work hard for them. With this system, I know I’m working towards spending more time with them and that’s what it is about for me, so I’ve told myself that by Christmas, I’ll calm down a bit. That is when I’ll have been working with Bright for a whole year. I’m an Electrician. I didn’t train in business and there’s no airs and graces about me but what I do understand is money and people. Now, with direction from Emerson, we’ve got that business training and it’s all working fantastically. We’ve installed Simpro and this normally takes seven months to install but with Emerson’s guidance, we did it in four. I’ve also developed an app named PROWIRED which is available in the App Store. We’re very proud of that. Emerson speaks our language. There’s no tech jargon or sales speak, he’s a real, down to earth person. The other thing he does well is knowing which books we should read and learn from. Trust me, if he tells you to read something, do it and continue investing in yourself to give you more credibility. We’ve now been working with him over the last seven months, and he has now gone from coach to friend. Talking about books, he recommended ‘Delivering Happiness’, which is all about employing the right people for your business. Well, I read that book and decided we were going to test one of the ideas out. Out of all Bright’s clients, we were the first to offer £1,000 to an employee to see if she really was the right person for the job. Basically, this is a loyalty test to see if your employee is the right person for the job. Would she take the money and leave or rip up the cheque and stay? We followed the whole recruitment process Emerson teaches and so, we waved that offer under her nose to see if she would step up and show her commitment. I’m very happy to say she did rip that cheque up. Either way, it’s a great safeguard because, if the money was too tempting and she walked, we would know she was not right for us. Yes, it was a gamble, but we were up for it because, we’re in this for the long game. Working on your busines with Bright will make you aware of your surroundings. As a business owner it’s easy to get blinded by the business and not see what is going on around you. The coaching makes you think about other people, how you treat them and how that affects the culture of your company. Before I had my own business, I remember working for a great compa ny where I got on with everyone well, but one day it all turned sour, and it made me think. I’d never want that to happen in my own company. Never do I want to be so far up the food chain that I become unapproachable. In a work environment, it’s great when everyone mingles as it’s not only good for the people but for the business too. With Simpro, I can see what we’re making on every single job and there’s no doubt whatsoever that we are on our way to making more money. In business, you do have to spend money to make money and I know a lot of people are reluctant to do that because they are not sure it will work for them. BUT you won’t get it until you’ve done it and when you’ve done it, you’ll be sing ing Bright’s praises, just like I am. The other great thing about Bright, is the community. Emerson has a mastermind group that is helpful because you’re surrounded by like-minded business owners, who are all trying to build and grow their businesses. Just last week, one of the guys had a job coming up in Kent that he couldn’t get anyone for, so we loaned him an electrician for a week. Now we’ve got a job coming soon up North and he is going to return the favour. That kind of support is really needed in busi ness, and it is invaluable. If I had to sum our experience up in one line, I’d say that working with Bright is about getting honest constructive criticism you can work with and then develop to change your business for the better. I just want to say full credit to Emerson for what he has built. It’s a real success story.” 
the most beneficial element for RH Plumbing and Electrical was employing systems and structure as a strong foundation. Emerson introduced us to platforms that helped us keep our team organized with scheduling work, as well as providing full-time admin support to keep everyone on board with the goings-on of the business. 
Thanks to Bright Business Advice, we have streamlined our business and are now better equipped to handle our workload. If you're like me and your business needs streamlining, then I highly recommend contacting Bright Business Advice for guidance today." 
With help from Bright Business’s Head Coach Ian Mizon, Adam has been able to get to grips with helping his business grow. Monthly discussions with Ian help keep things steady and sustainable. Now just a year on, Lumen Electrical have more leads with happier staff and a happier boss. 
If you want to find out how Ian and Bright Business Advice can help you, get in 
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