We recommend Ensign for their Take-off and estimating software for contractors 
At Bright Business Advice, we’re passionate about partnering with industry leaders to bring you the best solution possible. Working with us to achieve growth through comprehensive strategies and goal setting is just one part of changing your business for the better. It's also important to think about the tools to enable that success. 
A contractor’s time is a contractor’s money, and no contractor can afford for either to be in short supply. Ensign helps every contractor both cut costs and manage their time better, providing user-friendly contractors software. Our software programs allows contractors to focus on their contract management, pricing, proposals and more – without having to waste precious time trying to do everything at once. 
About Ensign Advanced Systems 
Ensign’s award-winning estimating and take-off software improves the speed and accuracy of estimation, enabling a better focus on the productivity gap, whilst balancing the competitiveness and profitability aspect. Our wealth of knowledge in this sector derives from our rich longevity, as 2022 is Ensign’s 42nd year of successfully trading. This has allowed us to understand the deepest frustrations of electrical, ductwork, insulation, and mechanical contractors and implement innovative changes to improve this. 
Ensign Estimations  
Get foolproof estimations each and every time with Ensign’s proposal software. 
Simply enter the specifics of a job either through keyboard input of automatically from our takeoff software and allow Ensign’s Estimation software to calculate each of the job costs and profits automatically. 
We pride ourselves on the wide range of materials we include in our regularly-updated database, meaning you can price your labour, parts and more quickly and accurately. This all saves you valuable time – meaning you can quickly bring your proposal to the client – before any of your competitors can do the same.. 
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