We recommend Engagement Multiplier to help you attract and retain your team.  
At Bright Business Advice, we’re passionate about partnering with industry leaders to bring you the best solution possible. Working with us to achieve growth through comprehensive strategies and goal setting is just one part of changing your business for the better. It's also important to think about the tools to enable that success. 
At Engagement Multiplier we are the leading employee engagement platform to make your small to mid-size business more productive, more profitable, and easier to run. 
Our platform provides an easy-to-use framework to turn insights from your employees into actions that drive the continual profitability and success of your organization. 
About Engagement Multiplier 
Engagement Multiplier is a proven online platform that accurately calculates a company’s employee engagement score, gathers insight, data, and feedback, and presents this via visually appealing, interactive digital dashboards for owners, leaders, and employees. It enables business owners to remove guesswork and quickly identify actions they can take to make measurable improvements on an immediate and ongoing basis. Clients are able to track and see progress over time. 
Here’s why right now is a great time to survey your team 
Surveying your team now will provide clear data and feedback enabling you to identify areas of the business that need help and take the needed action. You’ll be establishing a benchmark from which you can build.If you’ve been routinely surveying your employees, but have delayed a survey due to uncertainty and upheaval, reconsider. A survey done now will impart a wide ranging perspective on the impact of the pandemic on your 
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