Grow Your Network, Your Business, And Your Bottom Line at the Bright Contractors Mastermind LIVE 

Spend the day on Friday 12th July learning from some of the most successful contractors and experts in your industry, and leave with complete clarity of what to do next. 

Bright Contractors Mastermind LIVE - Friday 12th July 2024 

Networking and Evening Get together -Thursday 11th July   7.30pm Dinner and Drinks at a local chinese, taxi included *£40 pp  Mastermind - 8th March - £40 pp  9 am - Arrival & Networking 9.30 am - Bright Business Education & Masterminding 1 pm - Lunch 1.45 pm - Masterminding 

Venue : Mecure, The Approach, Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes MK8 8LY  
Please book directly with the hotel for any overnight stays 
*All prices are exclusive of VAT, please let us know of any dietary requirements.  

Bringing you Mastermind LIVE and in person!  

I get it. Running a business can be lonely. Even if you’re surrounded by people all day long, unless they get what it’s like being in your shoes - running a business - it can feel like you’re completely on your own. 
Let’s be honest - very few people actually ‘get it’. Not only the stress that comes with running your own business, but the highs that come from your wins too. 
That’s what a ‘mastermind’ is all about. Bringing together people who are on the business journey as you. Some will be further ahead, some further behind. But by accessing the experience from others who’ve been in your shoes, and already faced the issues you’re facing (and solved them too!), business becomes that bit easier. 
It’s not all about business though. I’ve made sure there’s time for a team activity and an informal dinner too, so you can properly get to know other people in the industry and banish that feeling of being ‘on your own’ for good. 
Who knows… you might meet a future business partner on the course or in the bar! 
We all learned lessons along the way that can help our peer group to overcome their own challenges. Although we’re running different businesses. you find that similar issues come up with Leadership, Finance, Operations, HR, Marketing & Sales. 
Join us to discover how: 
Personal Growth = Business Development 
Peer Support = Accountability 
Brainstorming = Strategy 

Discover how you can to transform your business with the power of Masterminding 

You’re working in your industry, from running a small team to scaling up and growing, without even realising the capacity that you need. 
I’m sure you already know that the brilliance of running a successful growing business doesn’t depend on luck. 
It depends on the energy and the effort you put in and it also depends on you developing your skill to play the big game! 
With focused brainstorming for each business owner on their own challenges, with input from the rest of your group (including your Bright Business Adviser experts), you'll walk away able to come up with a clear plan of next actions. 
Not only that, you’ll also and you will be held accountable to go away and implement your plan when you get back in your business. It’s that accountability which makes masterminding works so well. 
The accountability to implement your goals results in generating you more profit, strengthening the structure of your business, building more resilience, accountability, and responsibility into your team that will help free up your time so you can focus on the future development of your business. 

Come and join us at the LIVE event and benefit from industry expert speakers, brainstorming with contractors from your field and support from our expert coaches.  

What sort of challenges do we cover? 

In a growing business there are 7 key areas we cover though our 7 sector orbit model: 
Developing your leadership skills and strengthening your leadership teams. 
Business planning and structure in your business. 
Making sure the financial management of your business accurate and helpful in decision making. 
Organising the systems and processes to be more effective and efficient
Dealing with team issues like engagement, recruitment, motivation and disciplinary processes. 
Building a bigger client base through developing an effective marketing plan using both online and offline tools and techniques. Creating a strong brand with a powerful message that excites your customers and calls them to take action and engage with you. 
Improving your sales processes and skills to improve your conversion rate and make sure you win more opportunities. 

Get Exclusive Access To My ‘Little Black Book’ Of Industry Partners 

One thing that’s clear to anyone who’s run a business for more than 5 minutes, is that having the right solutions in place is essential to your growth. 
That’s why I’ve worked hard to cultivate a list of ‘hand picked’ industry partners who offers services designed to support your business and it grows. Here are the industry leaders we’ve partnered with that are supporting the event: 
Bulley Davey is a successful, forward-thinking provider of accounting, tax, and business advice services. Operating through a number of local offices, we work closely within our communities to ensure the service we provide is a cost-effective, high-value solution to meet all of your financial needs. 
We get to know you so we can deliver timely, individual advice on how to improve your business and personal wealth.. 
A personal service delivered by a leading law firm with strong roots in the local community. 
Business relationships are becoming increasingly complex. 
Organisations are faced with a rapidly changing legal landscape in which technical documentation and regulatory frameworks are now the norm. Businesses often require specialist advice and support to help them to navigate their way through what can sometimes appear to be a legal maze. 
Risk Fluent's aim is to make the working world a better place by Rebranding Safety, one interaction at a time. Our technical and transformational partnerships, along with our award-winning app, Risk Assessor Pro, are based on a collaborative, people-centred approach that has an impact on actual risk management. We don't do 'health and safety gone mad' or box-ticking, and we’re looking for partners who understand that looking after your people is an investment, and who are eager to learn from failing safely. 
As a business owner you need bespoke contracts to protect your business. Legal contracts written in plain English on your terms. Not only focusing on the risk and legal position, but our expertise allows us to implement business processes to support your growth. Our focus is you, we work with you to understand all aspects of your business and your brand. 
We provide you with practical terms and conditions, contractual documentation, shareholders agreements, contract management and support services. All our services are bespoke and personal to your business. They are prepared to a highly professional standard by qualified personnel and always at an affordable price.. 
Take the stress out of managing your projects by understanding how your project is tracking and keeping your team on the same page. Manage tasks and dependencies, highlight exceptions, efficiently procure materials and manage schedules. Plus, access a real-time view of your costs, active jobs and tasks with the project dashboard. 

What some of our Masterminders had to say..... 

"Bright changed my business for the better" 
“Becoming a member of the Bright mastermind – not only allowed me to change and develop but it showed me that the stress and disappointment I was placing on myself were completely normal and completely changeable with the right coaching and guidance. Bright changed my business for the better but more importantly changed my personal life, giving me more time and money. If you can afford to join don’t let time be the decider, you will find the time when you get hooked on the results of the changes to your business and life..” 
Josh Bishop - EPM Engineering Supplies & Services 
"The masterminds are a must for continued growth and support" 
"I realised my business so needed help in all aspects so I had Emerson come in and help me put together an alignment, we then put a plan together to move the business forward. We have been on an amazing journey which gave me the confidence to manage my business with stability, I've also been able to improve our financials and make the business much more efficient and much more organised. It’s just made a huge difference to my business. The masterminds are a must for continued growth and support when you are running a business!" 
Andrew Woolgar - Woolgar Electrical 
"I knew it was something I needed to be involved in" 
"From the moment I went to the Bright Electrical Business Summit I knew it was something I needed to be involved in. I had never considered using a business consultant before, but in the few months we have been working together, we have examined all of the aspects of my company and now have a strategic plan on how to improve. I am looking forward to expanding and improving my business further and to building a long-standing relationship with Emerson" 
Dominic Gaziano- Drage Electrics 
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