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Nigel Jew 
Bright Business Adviser 
Nigel Jew is a Bright Business Adviser 
Since I started coaching business owners over 15 years ago, I have had the pleasure of working with over 350 businesses, across all sectors, to help them deliver great results and help give them the business they truly want – and indeed deserve! 
I’m here to help you, hold you to account, push you and teach you to become the business person that you can be and to make your business into the successful concern that you dreamt it to be when you founded it. Your knowledge of your business with my experience and the wealth of knowledge in the Bright Business system of sales and marketing, team building, customer service, systems and business development make a fabulous team to achieve your success. 
I am totally committed to help turn every business I work with from being good to being great! 
I have a love of learning and I am extremely passionate about sharing my learning’s with people I come into contact with.  
The key to my success is having the ability to take on any business whether it be old or new, thriving or failing and helping you to focus on getting what YOU want out of it. Taking you From Good to Great
I’m not just a theorist – I’ve had many years’ hands on experience in coaching and developing companies, executing sales and marketing strategies, developing systems and processes and building great teams – experience that I am able to draw on for you as a client. 
I know from firsthand experience how lonely it can be running a company, and how difficult it is to build a business and a team that will succeed. This empathy helps me to help you get through the dark days and make the most of your successes. I help you move from Good to Great. 
As an organisation Bright Business Advice has a massive amount of intellectual property, business knowledge and experience available to me for you as my client. 

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Paul Gedney - RJ Wilson 
Mark Brear - EML Electrical 
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