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Mike Sweet 
Bright Business Adviser 
Mike Sweet is a Bright Business Adviser 
As an experienced HVAC business owner and business coach who has experience in growing, building and selling businesses, and actively working as a business coach to enable others to do the same. I know that businesses and companies don’t need coaching or training. Their People do! 
For the past 22 years, I’ve served time as an HVAC engineer, Manger, Managing Director, Sales Director in HVAC related businesses and being a Business coach, Executive coach and Trainer. And I’ve found my passion, it’s helping people and businesses to thrive while enjoying the process. 
I work with you and your team to create positive changes. I work with business owners and their teams to build new mindsets and implement new strategies. This approach builds better leaders, gives new ways to motivate entire teams and develops everyone involved. My role as your coach is to not only support, facilitate, educate and advise but more importantly, to allow you and your team to be all you can by: 
● Removing limiting beliefs 
● Building confidence and motivation 
● Implement new strategies 
● Banishing doubt which hinders performance 
● Creating teams that welcome necessary growth and change 
● Building a culture that allows the business to thrive 
● Perpetually test, measure and improve you business. 

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Paul Gedney - RJ Wilson 
Mark Brear - EML Electrical 
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