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Group Coaching and Workshops

Group Coaching Services

In order to deliver a full rounded solution to business development and growth we must also work with a wider team in the organisation. This means you will often require team training. Find out more...

Team Alignment day

The Team Alignment day has been developed to bring teams closer together and create a focused set of goals and outcomes to work towards achieving.

It also develops the team working skills creates stronger better relationships across the teams so that more can be accomplished. Find out more...

Sales Training days

Sales Training days are powerful in developing growth in a company. It could be a basic course for team members who are not used to selling but it would help in their role to understand the sales process better. It could be an advanced sales course using the psychology of influence, tapping into the relationship skills development of emotional intelligence and psychometric tools to understand the buying requirements for the 7 different value systems. Find out more...

Marketing training days

Marketing training days deliver awesome lead generation for a business. Understanding the 3 Key areas to build your marketing plan around.

What really makes advertising and websites work?

How to do multi-touch marketing campaigns that maximise opportunities for your customers seeing you online and offline which encourages them to take action and contact you. Find out more...

Customer service training days

Customer service training days creates a fantastic customer experience and helps you retain your clients and generate referrals.

How to create the wow factor with customers so they tell others about you.

How to make sure the systems are set up so that the experience is consistent

How to motivate the team so that they delight in wowing the customer and want to go the extra mile. Find out more...

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