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Leadership & management development

Our executive and team leadership coaching, is based around developing Emotional Intelligent a fundamental leadership skill, using the Emotional Capitalist Model by Dr Martyn Newman Phd.

Emotional Capital report

The Emotional Capital report allows the user to gain a deeper understanding of themselves by completing a set of questions that creates a report which is broken down into the 10 key areas of Emotional Intelligence and scores your ability. With detailed feedback given by your coach on what the Emotional intelligence report means and from the insights picked up through deeper discussions it is possible to further develop your Emotional Intelligence and improve your leadership skills which in turn will develop your team’s performance. Find out more...

Emotional Intelligence 360

It is also possible to have an Emotional intelligence 360 appraisal done through the emotional capital tool online. This means by using the tool as a means to gain confidential feedback from at least 10 raters such as managers, peers, direct reports and others the wider audience will give you true self-awareness and the coaching will give the accountability to change and develop self-awareness, team leadership skills, leadership styles and a broader development agenda. Find out more...

SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory)

Also using the SDI Assessment tool which is a very powerful psychometric tool using colours to represent the 7 values systems you will develop your understanding yourself and others value systems so that you will know the best ways to develop relationships with the 7 different values systems and most importantly how to prevent or reduce conflict in teams and develop great relationships in teams and with customers and suppliers and other key stakeholders too. Find out more...

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