The Bright Business Transformation Book for Contractors: MANAGE YOUR TIME, CONTROL YOUR BUSINESS & GROW YOUR PROFIT 

In this, his first book, award winning coach and business mentor Emerson Patton explains the 7-sector model that has fast tracked his clients and given them back their time.  Time is the most precious of all gifts but it’s something we all seem short of, especially when running a business.  Maybe you’re not spending enough family time or your kids are in bed when you finally get home. Maybe you’ve missed too many school plays and cancelled too many dinner plans with your wife, or maybe you can’t remember the last time you actually had a moment to yourself to breathe?  These are typical problems of those in the construction industry and the jobs always seem to inflict on your personal life and family.  Emerson was in this position himself and decided enough was enough, so he developed a system that, when applied, would work for every business. The result is this book Bright Business Transformations.  Read it and you will learn better ways to manage your time while controlling your business and growing your profit. Who doesn’t want that? 


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