Watch the video of Emerson 'The Contractors Coach' explain what he covers for you in the webinar and how it will help transform your business. 
FREE Webinar - Discover how to: 
Quickly secure cash flow so that your business is always protected and has the resources needed to grow... 
Ensure your workforce feel safe and motivated even in uncertain times… 
Gain new customers regardless of what is happening to the economy... 
Emerson partners with many industry experts such as: 

Making you stronger and protected against future recession or crippling downturn... 

This is your next opportunity in 2023 to attend this webinar... make this your best year yet! 
What You Will Discover On This Free Webinar: 

You’ll learn the most important strategies you need to drive Growth in your Mechanical & Electrical or Fire & Security Contracting business and take it to the next level using the 7-Sector Orbit Model 

Understand the A.S.S.E.T system cash-flow 
How to quickly secure cash flow so your business is always protected and has the resources needed to grow..
U.N.I.T.E system for leadership  
How to make your workforce feel safe and motivated even in uncertain times… 
L.E.A.D.S - marketing process to generate new customers 
How to gain new customers regardless of what is happening to the economy…. 
Introducing Your Hosts... 
Emerson Patton 
Director of Bright Business Advice  
and The Contractors Coach 
Emerson Patton is the Contractors Coach. 
Founder of Bright Business Advice, the only business advice company to ever be awarded ECA Commercial Associate membership, Emerson has spent the last 17 years helping over 300 clients to increase profitability, streamline their processes, and take back freedom from their contractor businesses. His coaching style has won him awards globally, but you can now find him in his rural farmhouse lifting kettlebells, practising martial arts, or playing golf. Although he's desperate to get back to the mountains for some snowboarding! 
Bright Business Advice is a Commercial Associate Member of the ECA. 
Keith Kruger 
Bright Business Adviser 
Keith Kruger is a Business Adviser 
Keith Kruger trained as a civil engineer and has been fortunate to work and live around the globe in South Africa, USA, France, and the UK, using his engineering background to specialise in technical sales. In his last 24 years in the UK, Keith's successfully run his own coaching business dealing with businesses of all sizes - many of which have been in the Mechanical & Electrical industry. 
Keith's passion lies in helping businesses grow and reach their true potential via the implementation of Bright’s 7-Sector Framework to improve their systems and finetune their sales process to drive stronger profits. 
Ian Mizon 
Bright Business Adviser 
Ian Mizon is a Business Adviser 
Ian Mizon is a dedicated, purposeful, and engaging business coach with over 19 years' experience. He has a passion for implementing Bright’s systems to create new levels of performance and capabilities for their clients. He is a sales and communication specialist who has helped over 100 businesses secure new clients and create vast, incremental revenue streams. 
Ian's expertise is geared towards implementing systems for rapid sales growth and he enjoys nothing more than inspiring his clients and transferring his skills into business leadership and support teams 
Bright Business Advice partners with many industry experts such as: 

Testimonials from attendees... 

We first found Bright Business Advice on a Facebook Advertisement, so jumped on the free webinar, and hand on heart, it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. 
Bright have coached us to triple the size of our business in the space of just a few months. 
He is very knowledgeable and knows business like the back of his hand. The team are very friendly and make you feel comfortable from the off. 
A truly valuable investment for our company and we plan to continue to grow and learn through the Bright Business Advice group. 
Leon Thompson – Safespark Electrical Services 
As Emerson described exactly what we were going through in the business and he gave away so many things we should do and ideas to think about. Such as the strategy and marketing needed to build the business. As well as how to refocus yourself on your goals and determine what you want from the business. 
Matt Spearman - Eco-lectrical 
I found the information that Emerson gave on the online meeting valuable, plus the interaction with the other electrical business owners and their success stories that Emerson shared was really inspiring. 
Emerson opens your eyes to new processes and actions you never knew about that will make it easier to grow your business. 
Duncan Grindley - Cambridge Electrical 
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