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Wady Electrical case study

Wady Electrical

We’re an established Electrical Contractors, trading for over 50 years, on £3.7M turnover, with 35 team members. We first worked with Emerson in 2009.  We decided it was time to re-join forces in 2016, to help us with further expansion.  We needed focus and a plan that kept us on track. Using Emerson for a business alignment, we got the management team together and spent the day brain storming around his business model, which made sure we covered all areas of the business.

We built a plan using his online project management software that means we had a structure and tasks to complete, then allocated to team members so we can track progress. It's a great tool.  We use it all the time to manage our business. We even used it to manage the build of our extended mezzanine floor.

Once we had the plan, we needed our team on board, listen to their opinions on the changes and get their input on how we could achieve our goals. With Emerson’s help, we did a team alignment. It was great! It got everyone involved and talking, plus was a great opportunity to involve new staff. We have focused a lot on creating a company culture and put together our WHY, WHAT and HOW statements to ensure the team understand that culture.

Not only does Emerson keep us on track with our plan, but he also gives advice on software tools, sales process development and sales training.  With his advice, we’ve updated our website, created new hard copy materials in folders and flyers, promotional items like sweet tins, cups and pens etc and case studies. We have engaged a customer feedback system which generates us testimonials and insights into how we run our business. On the HR front we have implemented an online software system that manages holidays and time sheets and other aspects of HR which has really got us more organised too.

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The process has given us the time to focus & review, with the tools needed and a program which engaged each member of our team for the expansion of Wadys.

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