Discover The 4 pillars of Broadband Consciousness 

I can honestly say my life has changed massively for the better by getting this understanding. I still get to feel unhappy on a regular basis but now I have the tools to handle it and separate from it and know that I am in fact a superhero inside and be happy with who I am. Not dependant on my circumstances or what I am achieving. I get to choose to be happy! 

This will help you to get control of the script and the reactions you often do when driven by it that are not helping you to feel happy and content. But actually bring stress anxiety and difficulties to your life. 

When you understand these tools you will 
Truly free yourself from the script 
Be able to connect with other people's stories and engage with them creating deeper more powerful relationships 
Understand identity and how it shapes every decision we make and how to choose the right decisions to bring more happiness joy and contentment to you. 
The sausage machine is the tool we use to create and enjoy the future you want by managing the ingredients you put into it in the now 

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Introducing Your Host... 
Emerson Patton 
Director of Bright Business Advice  
and The Contractors Coach 
Emerson Patton is the Contractors Coach. 
Since 2005, Emerson has successfully advised over 200 clients across a diverse range of industries. Including Electrical and Mechanical contractors, High pressure gas pipeline engineers, Fire and Security installers, Ground-workers, Bricklayers, Scaffolders, Builders, Developers, Interior Fit out, Architects and Construction Services to Precision Engineering and Automotive industry to name a few across the UK. 
Emerson is a Commercial Associate Member of the ECA. 
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