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Discover how to manage, control and grow your Early Years Business to the next level 

Making you stronger and protected against future recession or crippling downturn... 

Thank you for attending the recent Early Years Business Growth Webinar! 
We would be really keen to help you to grow your business, please choose from one of the following options: 

Masterclasses  Interactive Masterclasses for Early Years Business Owners who have a growth mindset and want to build their business! 

Our popular Business Summit event has yet to return, so we're continuing with our Monthly On-line interactive Masterclasses. 
Covering all 6 areas of the Bright Business Orbit Model, these Masterclasses are for all Early Years Business Owners who are looking to learn more about: 
Building Profitability 
Growing their Business 
Empowering their team 
improving sales 

Places are Limited - Book your place here: 

Recordings from each of the individual sessions will be available should you miss the live event 
* All procces are inclusive of VAT 

What you'll discover at The Business Masterclasses  Agenda 

Success Structure 
Leadership & Management - Systemise and organise to make effective use of your time and save thousands of pounds in unnecessary costs. 
Finance and Funding, cash-flow is king - avoiding funding losses improves profitability to create a more solid and sustainable business. 
Operations, build customer loyalty - Provide outstanding customer service, to increase customer retention and generate more referrals. 
HR, motivate and recruit effectively - Recruit, lead and motivate your staff to increase satisfaction and reduce staff turnover. 
Smarter, effective, low-cost Marketing. Implement smarter, lower-cost marketing to attract more leads and customers without spending a fortune on advertising. 
Close your pipeline and win Sales. Achieve Rapid Sales Growth: Discover strategies that will allow you to generate large amounts of revenue, through better conversion rates in a shorter space of time. 

Take action and book your sessions now! 

All Masterclasses will be running between  
10:30 am and 12:30 pm 
*All prices are inclusive of VAT 
Why should I attend? 
If you're an ambitious Early Years Business owner who not only wants to survive but actually thrive during difficult challenging times, the Masterclasses are for you! 
What are the Early Years Masterclasses about? 
Covid-19 is revolutionising the way business is being done. Using technology to communicate via video calls, meetings and with social media spreading into every area of our lives you'll find: 
✪ Buying and decision making habits are changing. 
✪ Customer service demands and expectations have never been higher. 
Staff expectations and company culture are now massively affecting staff retention rates, morale and recruitment. 
✪ So during the Masterclasses we will help address how to make the most of these changing times and business challenges that go with it to harness the opportunities they create for you in your nursery business right now and for a brighter future. 
The new world of zoom meetings!. 
"You come away feeling positive with a massive, productive to-do list that will help you to make your nursery better!!" 
Claire Hill, Bam Bams Nursery 
Tricia Wellings 
Early Years Director 
Award Winning Nursery Owner 

Meet your specialist Early Years Business Coach 

Introducing your host... 
Tricia Wellings is an experienced early years expert, known within the industry for the support and training she has provided over the last 21 years. Tricia has ‘hands on’ specialist knowledge, and is recognised for her prowess with finance and funding in the industry, having achieved a £2 million business that includes five “Bright Kids” day nurseries. 
Tricia’s passion to help others has meant she has developed a library of training and education materials, as well as, the policies and procedures necessary to run a successful day nursery. 
Tricia delivers these and other consultative services through the more recently established MBK Group. 

Do you have a more immediate need for some help and support? 

Being a nursery owner can be a lonely place. Sometimes you need to talk things over with a like-minded other or have someone be a sounding board for you. 
We have just the solution for you, choose from: 

Build your plan in our 3 hour Strategy Session 

Start to create and build your plan 
Often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, is the old adage of “Failing to plan is planning to Fail” and we couldn’t agree more. The Bright Business 7 Sector Orbit model has been honed and refined over 15 years and implemented in a wide and diverse range of now successful businesses. In this initial 3-hour strategy session, we use the Orbit as an opportunity to create and build your own effective plan. You gain access to the tools and processes that will systematically enable you to organise and transform your business, gain the understanding of the critical elements, in order to move your business forward and start a transformation that leads to growth and profitability. 
Assess where you are today and where you want to be 
Clarify the value proposition 
How to measure performance and success 
Determine the projects that are critical for success 

Early Years Mastermind Packages 

Discover how you can transform your business with the power of Masterminding 
Build stronger personal and business leadership, increase profitability, save time, grow sales and motivate staff. 
Leverage the power of other business owners working together with you, on your business. 
“You are the average of the people you spend the most time with.” ― Jim Rohn 
Being a business owner can be a lonely place. 
The model for running a successful business is entirely different from that of running an ordinary business. 
A successful business has seven main components which we cover in our 7 Sector Business Orbit Model. Ordinary businesses don’t have this… 
And when you join us, not only do you tap into over twenty years of experience in the Early Years space, but also the experience of your fellow members. 
We have two groups, which have been designed to meet your needs, depending on where your business currently is, and where you want it to go… 

Early Years Silver Mastermind 

Monthly Mastermind Meetings hosted by Tricia Wellings 
*All prices are inclusive of VAT 

Early Years Gold Mastermind 

Monthly Mastermind Meetings hosted by Tricia Wellings 
1 x Monthly 1-2-1 private 2 hour coaching online session 

.....Watch the videos to hear what our Early Years Masterminders have to say 

Tricia Plater & Ellie Graham - Little Steps Nursery 
Jacky Bufton Redbrick - Day Nursery 
Claire Hill - BamBams Nursery 
If you’ve got questions before you book 
please email or call 01527 452430 
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