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About Hanna Magdziarek

Hanna has been training and coaching others for 15 years working mainly but not only within the tertiary education sector. Her clients include coachees from top world universities such as Imperial College London and King’s College London. Hanna’s also worked with Santander Bank and Transport for London. Her background is in teaching, which makes her an experienced educator.

Hanna holds qualifications and certification in Personal Performance Coaching, Business Coaching and a Neurolinguistic Programming. As a Bright Business Advisor, she shares her business expertise and coaching tools with local and global businesses which seek to improve, providing better value to customers, growing and increasing their figures. As Hanna is also an experienced Operational Excellence Practitioner, she uses the Lean methodology in her ways of thinking and working, which means she supports businesses in the process of instilling healthy habits that enable them to work more efficiently and effectively.

Hanna inspires with her passion for continuous improvement and learning. She will help you crystalise your vision for your business and team, align your goals with your vision and values, build a plan, and most importantly, your team. She will hold you and your team accountable for the change you have committed to make.

Hanna’s also a qualified image consultant who can help you (re-) create your personal brand. She will ensure those first impressions help communicate the message you want to get across to the world and your clients.

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