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About Elaine Kemp

Elaine Kemp is a hugely talented Business & Improvement Coach and Executive Mentor, with much sought after expertise in creating productive, motivated and profitable businesses. As a Bright Business Advisor, her superpower is supporting people step by step, to make their business goals a reality.

Career History

With a diverse early career in banking, office work in Australia at the NSW Royal Agricultural Society and Coca Cola, she has honed her data and management skills, through front line roles.

Taking these talents from private to public sector, Elaine worked in the NHS for over 20 years in senior operational management roles - covering the entire NHS landscape – from: supporting individual GP Practices to realise their business goals;  transforming cardiac services across England; to delivering National Quality Improvement Programmes to achieve their strategic aims and; driving services with rapid turnaround programmes.

She is a speaker and author in creating systems for success using ‘lean’ methodology, which removes the waste from our work, making every interaction valuable.

She has turned this flair for getting results in the toughest of circumstances into a winning formula for local SME businesses.

Key Profile

  • Experienced mentor and licensed motivational maps practitioner
  • Strong background in operational management
  • Co-Founder of a successful Healthcare Improvement Business
  • A national leader in networked approaches to achievement through collaboration
  • Successful track record of creating engagement and leadership
  • Experienced in 8 figure budgets and leading teams of hundreds
  • Determined to build capability and confidence

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