Watch the 7-Sector Secrets Explainer Video  

Discover how to: 
Quickly secure cash flow so that your business is always protected and has the resources needed to grow. 
Ensure your workforce feel safe, and motivated and install to your high standards.  
Gain new customers regardless of what is happening to the economy. 
"Bright have given us the 7-Sector structure for profitable growth." 
- Danny Edmunds, Prowired Electrical 
If you run a contracting business and you're..... 

Desperate to grow and increase your profit (and the money you take home each month).  Working every hour under the sun (and still not getting everything done).  Forever chasing your tail and playing catch up. Struggling to find the right team (who don't need your constant attention).  Disorganised when it comes to your finances - so every tax bill hits like a ton of bricks.   And you're looking to create predictable growth, work fewer hours and take the stress out of running your business, you need.... 

But don't just take my word for it... 

Not convinced just yet? I don't blame you. 
But everything I share is results-backed, based on what's working right now for the 60+ contractor business owners and operators in my mastermind. 
Watch the video to see what my clients are saying about the 7- Sectors and the results they've achieved from working with my team and I at Bright Business Advice. 

Who is Emerson Patton? 

Founder of Bright Business Advice, the only business advice company to ever be awarded ECA Commercial Associate membership, Emerson has spent the last 17 year helping over 300 clients to increase profitability, streamline their processes, and take back freedom from their contractor businesses.  
His best-selling book, 'Bright Business Transformation for Contractors', gives readers all the tools and skills they need to grow their contracting, without the stress and overwhelm associated with scaling.  
His coaching style has won him awards globally, but you can now find him in his rural farmhouse lifting kettle-bells, practising martial arts, or playing golf. Although he's desperate to get back to the mountains for some snowboarding! 
The Farmhouse, Hilly Farm, Bedford Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 0NB 
Company Number 05458944 
01933 697667 
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